Replacement Cards

Lost, stolen, and damaged cards may be subject to an $25 fee. The replacement fee will be charged to your student account. Meal plans and Viking Dollars will be transferred to the new card, however, copy money cannot be recovered.

To replace your Western Card, fill out a replacement form by clicking on 'Card Replacement Form'.


Fee Exemptions

Students who are returning after an absence of four years or more, or who are Post-bacc, Grad, Continuing student and placed their Undergraduate Western Card in the time capsule, may be eligible for ONE free replacement card. For name change purposes, the Western Card Office will provide you with a new card.

Lost or Stolen Card

If you believe your Western Card is lost or stolen, check your Western email account. We email cardholders if their active Western card is turned into our office. You may also call us at 360-650-7414 to ask if it was found.

Due to the large volume of inactive cards that are turned in to the Card Office every week, we do not hold onto inactive cards which are turned in to us, and inactive cards are disposed of.

If you cannot locate your card but need a new one, you must pay the $25 replacement fee.

Putting Cards on Hold

In order to freeze your Western card, contact the card office and they will change your card to a “holding” status, which temporarily deactivates the card.

If the lost card is turned into the office, the card will be reactivated and you will receive an email that your Western card is waiting for you at the card office.

Damaged Cards

If your card is not working in dining halls or markets, you are encouraged to bring it to the Western Card Office. If your card is not working in campus copy machines, contact Copy Support Services.

Cards that show evidence of excessive damage are subject to the $25 replacement fee.

Excessive damage includes:

  • scratch marks
  • scuffs and minor scrapes
  • extensive wear marks
  • hole punches
  • pock marks
  • any other signs of misuse

The Card Office reserves sole discretion in determining misuse of card.

Dining Hall and Library Privileges

If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged outside of business hours and you need immediate access to a dining hall or library material, contact the department directly.

  • Wilson Library Circulation Desk: 360-650-3084
  • Dining Hall: Call Dining Services at 360-650-2970 or ask any dining hall staff

Appealing a Fee

If you feel you’ve been wrongly charged a fee, you may appeal to the Western Card Office Manager by contacting the Western Card Office.