Badges & Nametags

The Western Card Office Produces badges and nametags for all Western Departments and campus organizations.

Producing badges and nametags is a collaborative process. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

Design Specifications

Card Stock

Badges and nametags are printed on size 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ white card stock.
While the Card Office only offers white card stock, full-color printing is available.

Standard Template

  • Name
  • Department Name
  • Job Title
  • University Logo

Design Variables

  • Color, size, and position of text
  • Size and position of the image and logo (if applicable)
  • Size and color of the Western logo
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Clip


Our office offers both card clips and magnetic backing for our badge and nametag orders. Our staff will prepare badge and nametag orders that request magnetic backings or card clips prior to distribution of each card.

Magnetic Backing

Magnetic fasteners, round/silver

This option includes one pair of magnets per badge or nametag. One magnet has an adhesive back tape which peels off and adheres to the card, while the other is used to secure the card to an article of clothing.

Disclaimer: Not intended for thick clothing.

Card Clip

Card clip, plastic strip with clip at bottom

This option includes one clip per badge or nametag. A punch is used to create an oval hole punch at the top area of the card, and the plastic strip is slid through and snapped together at both ends. The metal clip is then used to secure the card and clip to an article of clothing.


  • Badges: $6.00 each
  • Nametags: $6.00 each

Please Note: The difference between a badge and a nametag is that badges include a photo of the individual they are intended for where nametags do not.

Order Timeline

  1. Request an order

Fill out the e-sign form for badges and nametags. Orders normally take up to five days to process. You will receive an email from the Western Card office when your order request has been processed and is ready for pickup. Ensure that you include the correct fast index code on the e-sign form.

  1. Send us your sketch of the card design

The Western Card Office will work with your department on the design of your badges and nametags. Please submit design requests by email.

  1. Approve the final design

The Western Card Office will develop a card template using our design software and will email it to you for review. We will continue to modify the design until it meets your needs.

For orders of over 100 badges or nametags, please call or email the Card Office to give us as much notice as you are able so that we will be prepared to process your order on time. Please note that we will send a sample of your order for approval, and will not proceed with printing the order until the sample has been approved. 

  1. List your recipients

The Card Office requires a list of the names, W Numbers, and job titles for all badges and nametags. The Western Card office cannot create a badge or nametag for anyone whose name does not appear on this list.

  1. Choose photo preferences

Recipients have the option of providing us with a head shot or coming into the Card Office to have their photo taken. If badge recipients have an existing Western Card image, we can transfer that image onto the badge. If that is the case, please let us know. 

  1. Picking up your order

You will receive an email once your order is ready. Departments may appoint a representative to pick up the full order or authorize recipients to pick up and sign for their own badge or nametag.

Sample Designs

Nametag and Badge Sample

Sample nametag, with name, year and job title
Sample nametag, with photo, name, position and department