Card Office FAQs

Western’s current card production system is no longer supported by the developer and is being retired.  Moving forward, it has been determined that a mobile credential is the way of the future.  This will provide our campus community current and future card functions in a more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly way.

The Western Card Office serves as a business function for the university.  It had been decided years ago that the best home for the Card Office would be in the Student Business Office under the Business and Financial Affairs division.  We had a golden opportunity to move the Card Office over to the SBO at the beginning of fiscal year 2021 which is what we did.

Once implemented, you will download an application onto your mobile device which will be your credential and act as your Western Card at all points on campus that the Western Card is used.  The application will be intuitive, mobile friendly and provide all the services your current Western Card provides as well as many more in the future.

You will upload a photo of yourself following the posted submission guidelines onto the mobile credential application along with a government issued photo ID.  Our recognition process will accept your uploaded photo which will become your Western ID photo.  If our process denies your photo, you will have the opportunity to retake your photo and resubmit through the application.

If you have a current Western ID card that you want to keep using, you will be allowed to.  All new card holders will be encouraged to utilize the mobile credential option.  For accessibility purposes, we will be able to print cards for those who want or need them.

If you lose your mobile device permanently, you’ll need to obtain a temporary card from the Western Card Office (there will be a replacement fee charged to your student account) until you receive your new device and reactivate your mobile credential.